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Once upon a time, the aspiring actors aided by former Minister of Culture, have put an iceberg on the Canoe of the free Master ... From the depths of dirtly fairy tale, now truly comes through the song retuned by Him...

Undaunted, Bogion was played surprisingly expressive on his guitar. Inspired by the people and events he remembers, he creates an informal art that results in a unique musical experiment: the unprecedented fusion of Eastern an Western sounds of Bogion's tonal insights.

Bogion Amo is the author of several concert instrumental programs. He has composed over 400 compositions for solo guitar and virtual orchestra.

Expect him live.


A curated selection of best songs from Bogion Amo. Listen and enjoy these songs. Let’s play!


Guitaristicum In


Guitaristicum In

It's a Deal

Guitaristicum In

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Bogion AMO - guitarist, composer, producer.

In his mature playing years, he reveals his solo essence. As we enter the new millennium, he emerges from the daily routine of club gigs. He created a concert repertoire perfecting the fingerstyle technique, an advanced technique of engaging all fingers of both hands. Simultaneously playing the melody and accompaniment, taking over the sections of at least two or more instruments, he still reveals new secrets that his guitar is strangely hiding.

Bogion designs his art with an authentic expression of many years of practice. He presents his creative work in a manner worthy of the highest artistic aspirations.

Bogion Amo - Guitaristicum In

Bogion Amo (born as Bogoljub Nikolic, 1965. in Kragujevac, Serbia) ran guitar early, on hearing, without the help of a teacher. Already at the age of 11 he is moving to gain professional practice. He goes to paid gigs with Gipsy musicians of world music.

Playing the music people wanted to hear earned a living, and at the same time perfected the hearing and technique of playing. Throughout the day, he practiced musical vocabulary with classical music, and in the evening played the hits of commercial genres. In live gigs he gained experience of a band musician of a wide repertoire of traditional Balkan and modern Western music. He spent three decades with the music of world metropolis receiving the influence of different cultural environments. In his mature years he reveals his solo essence.

By entering the new millennium, Bogion begins to change his musical perceptions. The need to return to the authentic sound of an acoustic guitar led him to meet again with himself. 2012 is re-established at the very beginning of music. He is starting to build a solo concert repertoire, modeled to the greatest solo guitarist of today.

Bogion Amo interprets his art with multi-genre fingerstyle acoustic expression. He created five solo concerts of authorial instrumental music. His creativity concerts to music lovers in a way worthy of the highest artistic ambitions.


The Facts of Artistry

Like a snapshot taken at twilight, their music is a photograph of a landscape caught at perpetual dusk. — Citation, ABC Inc
Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosphy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives — Ludwig van Beethoven
Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. — Plato
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